About Ian

Ian is a seasoned business professional with over forty years broad experience in all aspects of business, in both private and public companies.

Ian started his business career after immigrating to Canada from Scotland in 1967. He initially worked for The Toronto Dominion Bank and National Trust Company Ltd. where he moved rapidly into management.

In 1981 Ian founded International Verifact Inc. a company that designs and builds a line of soft programmable point of sale terminals for use in credit and debit transactions. Verifact initially went public in Vancouver and later the TSE and NASDAQ exchanges.

During that time he was a frequent guest speaker at EFT/POS conventions, GUIDE and the American Bankers Conferences. Verifact quickly garnered a reputation and Ian was a frequent media guest on radio and television. Along with Nightline with Ted Koppel, the technology was showcased on ABC, NBC and CBS as well as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Ian traveled under Visa’s patronage to South America and around the US to speak on credit and debit fraud prevention.

Further work with the American Secret Service and the Ontario Police College was also focused around fraud detection and prevention methods.

He returned to business consulting in 1990 and served at the behest of the TD bank as President of an emerging technology client that needed direction. He continued working as a technology applications consultant with the emphasis on finance and became a frequent speaker at the University of Western Ontario where he had the honour of addressing their Entrepreneurs Club, joining a distinguished list of business elite.

Throughout the 90’s Ian assisted many companies in their start-up. He was active on the board of several public companies and spent a great deal of time in Europe raising funds for various established business’s and acting as an investment advisor to a number of large European consortiums.

Since the start of the new millennium Ian has been involved with start-up companies focusing on business planning and fund raising. Ian has an extensive background in starting, building and running successful companies where technology plays a key part and an overall personal interest in health, the environment, and renewable energy.